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Winnie the Pooh (2011) 7.2/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

Oh Pooh.
During an ordinary day in Hundred Acre Wood, Winnie the Pooh sets out to find some honey. Misinterpreting a note from Christopher Robin, Pooh convinces Tigger, Rabbit, Piglet, Owl, Kanga, Roo, and Eeyore that their young friend has been captured by a creature named "Backson" and they set out to save him.

Genre: Animation, Family
Director: Stephen J. Anderson, Don Hall
Starring: Jim Cummings, Craig Ferguson, John Cleese

Pooh's Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin (1997) 7.0/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

The All - New Movie
A full length animated film for all the family to enjoy. Pooh gets confused when Christopher Robin leaves him a note to say that he has gone back to school after the holidays. So Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Eeyore and Rabbit go in search of Christopher Robin which leads to a big adventure.

Genre: Animation, Family
Director: Karl Geurs
Starring: Jim Cummings, John Fiedler, Ken Sansom

The Tigger Movie (2000) 6.3/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

As it happens, everybody - Pooh, Piglet, Eeyore, Roo, Rabbit, Owl - is busy preparing a suitable winter home for Eeyore. When everything they do seems to get undone by Tigger's exuberant bouncing, Rabbit suggest Tigger go outside and find other tiggers to bounce with - a notion Tigger finds ridiculous because, after all, he's "the onliest one" Or is he?

Genre: Animation, Family
Director: Jun Falkenstein, Chris Butler
Starring: Jim Cummings, Nikita Hopkins, Ken Sansom

Winnie the Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year (2002) 6.8/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

A Full-Length Adventure
It's Christmastime in the Hundred Acre Wood and all of the gang is getting ready with presents and decorations. The gang makes a list of what they want for Christmas and send it to Santa Claus - except that Pooh forgot to ask for something. So he heads out to retrieve the letter and get it to Santa by Christmas...which happens to be tomorrow!

Genre: Animation, Family
Director: Gary Katona, Ed Wexler
Starring: Jim Cummings, Peter Cullen, John Fiedler

Winnie the Pooh: Springtime with Roo (2004) 6.4/10

DVD Release Date: 1900-01-01

Spring has sprung, and baby Roo is excited to get out and explore and make new friends. But Rabbit seems preoccupied with spring cleaning, instead of embracing his usual role of playing Easter Bunny. Leave it to Roo to show Rabbit -- through love -- that it's more important who you love and not who's in charge.

Genre: Animation, Family
Director: Saul Blinkoff, Elliot M. Bour
Starring: Jim Cummings, Ken Sansom, Jimmy Bennett