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Movies failing while watching?

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on Sep 12, 2017
Hi Everyone,

Just curious if this is me and some issue on my pc or if others are experiencing this as well.

4 movies now that I've downloaded are encoded either poorly or incomplete. The movie downloaded fine, moved to my movies folder after unpacking and then watches fine for a bit, then just quits.

The latest one being:

It has less than 20 minutes viewable and then it resets or in Kodi just freezes for a bit then closes the movie.

It did this for (these I don't remember the file names)
The mummy 720p
The happening 720p (stupid movie)
one of the latest Pirates of the caribbean. but I think it has since been removed I believe.

Is this a trend with some idiots to waste bandwidth or did my pc screw up the copy somehow? or... ?

Thanks for any input.
on Sep 12, 2017
This has happened to me also recently, it is not your computer, when I re-downloaded from a different group the movie played fine. I now try and stick with groups I am familiar with.
on Sep 13, 2017
Thank you!

I was thinking my hard drive on the server was failing (even tho there were no other signs or issues in the admin tools).

I'll stick to the more reputable release groups.

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