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Question About Downloads for User and Host

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on Aug 26, 2017
Does this list just the item the user downloaded? I Notices our fearless leader's Aug 21st post on the main page and decided to check my account because I know I grab a fair number of items. In the:
Downloads for User and Host

There were so many downloads that the script failed to load and basically froze my browser. I changed my api and password just to be safe. Today there is only the items in sab listed in there.

It may be possible someone hacked my account or something? Since I know I didn't download well, pretty much any of the items in the Downloads for User and Host list. At first I thought it was just listing off items that have been added to the servers since most of the crap in there I wouldn't have downloaded in the first place.

Maybe others should check their accounts too just to be certain it hasn't happened to them.

Changing site api and my password good enough to secure my account or any other measures I should take care of?
on Aug 26, 2017
aw ok, Looks like OptimusPrime is on top of this:

carry on, nothing to see here. :)
OptimusPrime - admin
on Aug 29, 2017
Thank you for the follow up ;-)

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