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on Aug 19, 2017

I'm sort of new here, as a BFF anyway, was a free lurker for about 3.5 years :)

Is it normal to get so many duplicates of a release?

For Example:

Killjoys S03E08

Are all of those results actually separate releases or are they just dupes due to cross-posting?

The funny thing is that some of those "releases" that were posted to a "Games" or an "EBook" group get categorized as a Game or an EBook :)

Just thought I would bring it to your attention in case the admin(s) wasn't aware of it.
on Aug 19, 2017
Reuploads :)
on Aug 19, 2017
happens on this site, not others usually, and lots of large 1-2GB TV posts with only 1 or 2 files, so if the d/l is corrupt your s*****d, whilst the same posts on other sites have individual parts and pars.
on Aug 20, 2017
if you use only one usenet provider in this hard times, then it probably always fails no matter what ;) you need more providers ;)
on Aug 20, 2017
Nope, hardly need to use pars to fix anything if grabbed within short time of posting say upto 20-24 hr's, and usually have success with single file posts from here, but two in a row posted yesterday had bits missing. Appreciate the posts and this forum of course, but why re-code posts to single files with no pars when often, %99 of the time, they are the same posts posted and hosted elsewhere with the original files and pars.
on Aug 20, 2017
I thought the reposts would be to repair the damaged parts but there are still missing parts. I appreciate all the uploads but without any repair files the 1 or 2 GB download is useless. Same problem on different providers and only with the uploads from one specific uploader. No problems with anything else.
on Aug 20, 2017
Find another and better provider(s) :D example is usenetexpress and another block providers ;)
on Aug 21, 2017
I agree the single or 2 file posts are doing nothing more than cluttering the TV category listings here. Whoever is cross posting the same shows to multiple Usenet groups obviously must not know what they are doing or purposely spamming them for who knows what reason. Was hoping we seen the last of it when it happened awhile back unless this site was somehow filtering them out like the other indexers must be able to do. Hoping it ends soon again.
OptimusPrime - admin
on Aug 29, 2017
Hi guys, I agree with a lot of your comments. I could think of a few reason why it's done like this. Like lack of CPU power or RAM. Try parring a blueray rip for instance and you will be quite shocked on how long in takes. There are many sides to this issue. There is an Issue open for this matter and it will be resolved the proper way. I can block the whole poster now and wait for a fix or keep it indexing. I prefer last. Lets continue discussion on Issues please as I would like to keep fixes there.
on Sep 24, 2017
(18 Hrs)
The duplicate 2 file posts are back in full force again after having a nice break from them showing up. Clutters the hell out of the TV section.
On a side note the "Issues" forum and the chat is no longer working as well to further report this.

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