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on Aug 3, 2017

The last few months using news rover has been a nightmare, my problems ONLY started in version 20.0 so thinking purchasing a Registration key for the 22.0 would help..

How bloody wrong dam thing is just as bad as the older version 20.0, seems news rover struggles to d/l any files above 5gb, it starts to download but after a short time it starts dropping speeds and then miss's single pars..

I am wondering if any one here still use news rover and can guide me throw some settings i mite have wrong, to enable me to carry on using this application, also if possible help in choosing another software like news rover, i need a simple appl which is easy to config and does what it says on the box..

Ch33rs guys..
on Aug 5, 2017
seems as though SABNZBD would do the same thing if you set up th RSS feed
OptimusPrime - admin
on Aug 8, 2017
mm there are so many usenet clients, most opensource. i would definitely look into sabnzbd, nzbget or nzbvortex. there are a few good paid ones but afaik they just scape site like ours to make things easier.

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