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New look?

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on Apr 19, 2017
(23 Wks)
Site feels like it has a slightly different look to it.... I like it! Like the font is slightly changed in size and the way way the titles look scrolling through, maybe??
on Apr 20, 2017
(23 Wks)
Not too sure about the red text, it makes it look like there's an error. Speaking of which, no search results?
on Apr 20, 2017
(23 Wks)
Not new look but seems like someone dont even know the cosing html tags of <b> and <font> :D xD
on Apr 20, 2017
(23 Wks)
I prefer my old look
on Apr 20, 2017
(23 Wks)
I prefer the old look as well. I also find that things that worked before don't work now. The Add to Cart and Download NZBs buttons aren't working for me with either Chrome or Firefox, the season select buttons don't usually work when looking up TV shows, I have to clear "Enter keywords" in the search bar before I can search for something and the search Go button doesn't work so I have to press enter. That's irrelevant though since the search function doesn't work anyway. I'd check the Issues tab in the menu to confirm that the site devs are aware of it but the security settings of the page it points to aren't configured properly (its security certificate expired when usenet crawler's did and hasn't been updated) so it's inaccessible.

Of course, all of this assumes I don't get a 502 Bad Gateway error...

I for one would really appreciate the effort being put into making the site more reliable and save the appearance changes for the future.
on Apr 20, 2017
(23 Wks)
I agree with RickP. I prefered the old look and am also having a number of issues with the new site. I'd also appreciate more on stability rather than new looks.

I'm also not sure on the red text - agree with rutskiuk that it looks like errors.
on Apr 21, 2017
(22 Wks)
Please get rid of the awful blocky green font, it looks dreadful on a 4K monitor!

Also, the using a red font for a zero search result us just plain wrong as the colour suggests an error.

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