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Movies marked in red

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on Feb 4, 2017
(33 Wks)
I am confused. In the past this site marked movies in red that had an issue. They were the wrong movie, incomplete, spam or contained viruses. I just checked out the movie "The Founder" It was marked in red on the main page but downloaded fine without any issues. I posted a comment asking why it was marked in red. A user responded that "super good" movies are marked in red on the site. I'm confused.
on Feb 5, 2017
(33 Wks)
I noticed a majority of the movies recently highlighted in red were dvd screeners maybe that is one of the reasons.
Megatron - admin
on Feb 5, 2017
(33 Wks)
The movies marked in red can have various reasons (eg. CAM releases, better release available, filenames not matching releasename etc.)

To clear things up we will be adding tooltip descriptions to the releases which will tell you what the reason for marking them was.

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