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Just a thank you!

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on Jan 20, 2017
(35 Wks)
Couldn't find where to add a post of a basic thank you for everything. I have been looking for a specific tv series for my 80 year old dad and couldn't find Season 1!! You have listed all 8 seasons and thank you so much.
on Jan 21, 2017
(35 Wks)
i second this post and yes, that is the beauty of usenet! something those torrents can never do!
on Jan 24, 2017
(35 Wks)
@smee419 out of interest, which show was it?

My dads 80 too as he had me at a very late age with a much younger wife (rawr!)
on Jan 24, 2017
(35 Wks)
No question. For history, nothing else comes close to Usenet Crawler. And this is important to a LOT of people.

Have I missed something, or is there as yet no way to contribute some bitcoins or $? The site seems to be stabilizing now.
on Jan 25, 2017
(35 Wks)
Just want to let y'all know that donating via an Amazon gift card is so easy even *I* figured it out .. LOL .. Admin here seems like good people, and keeping this site up is well worth a few bucks, yearly if necessary to keep it running.
As to the Amazon thing, just buy a $10 gift card, send it yourself via email, then open chat with Admin and type in the Amazon redeem code.

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