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Los Compañeros[DVD9FULL]

Name:Los Compañeros[DVD9FULL]
Cover: Companeros
Movie Info: Companeros (1970) 7.5/10
Fate brought them together. Greed made them inseparable, and violence made them Companeros! - Arms dealer Yolaf Peterson aims to make a sale to guerilla Mongo, but the money is locked in a bank safe, the combination known only to Professor Xantos, a prisoner of the Americans. Yolaf agrees to free Xantos, accompanied by reluctant guerilla Basco, but a former business partner of Yolaf's- John 'The Wooden Hand', has other ideas.

Director: Sergio Corbucci
Genre: Action, Comedy, Western
Starring: Franco Nero, Tomas Milian, Jack Palance
Category:Movies > DVD
Media Info:
Property Value
Overall Container Format MPEG-PS
Bitrate 4 619 Kbps
Video Duration 760ms
Format MPEG Video
Width x Height 720x576
Aspect 16:9
Framerate 25.0000 fps
Audio 1 Format AC-3
Bitrate Mode Constant
Bitrate 192 Kbps
Channels 2 channels
Sample Rate 48.0 KHz
Subtitles Languages Unknown, Unknown
Preview:Los Compañeros[DVD9FULL] screenshot
Size:7.60 GB (100%)
Files:48 files
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Filename Password Size Date
Los Compañeros[DVD9FULL]/VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.BUP No 0.01 MB Jun 17, 2015
Los Compañeros[DVD9FULL]/VIDEO_TS/VIDEO_TS.IFO No 0.01 MB Jun 17, 2015
Los Compañeros[DVD9FULL]/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_0.BUP No 0.08 MB Jun 17, 2015
Los Compañeros[DVD9FULL]/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_0.IFO No 0.08 MB Jun 17, 2015
Los Compañeros[DVD9FULL]/VIDEO_TS/VTS_01_0.VOB No 356.32 MB Jun 17, 2015
Los Compañeros[DVD9FULL]/VIDEO_TS/VTS_03_0.BUP No 0.02 MB Jun 17, 2015
Los Compañeros[DVD9FULL]/VIDEO_TS/VTS_03_0.IFO No 0.02 MB Jun 17, 2015
Los Compañeros[DVD9FULL]/VIDEO_TS/VTS_03_0.VOB No 0.15 MB Jun 17, 2015
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