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Semun 2008 Turkish XviD

Cover: Semum
Movie Info: Semum (2008) 5.7/10
Director Hasan Karacadag argues that he tried to create a model of a Turkish-Islamic horror film and that he would make the world recognize this model, of which he sees "Semum" as the first example. "Semum" stars Ayça inci, Burak Hakki and Cem Kurtoglu in the lead roles and recounts the true story of a woman who lives in Izmir. "Semum" will be compared with "The Exorcist" and inci will be compared with Linda Blair, the director says, noting that the Turkish horror films made so far have been far from satisfactory.

Director: Hasan Karacadag
Genre: Crime, Fantasy, Horror
Starring: Ayça Inci, Burak Hakki, Cem Kurtoglu
Category:Movies > Foreign > Turkish
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Semun [2-2].avi No 699.54 MB Sep 20, 2008
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